TourPrep is a highly customizable training program for players seeking an all-encompassing, holistic development plan set in a high-performance training environment and is best suited for high-level amateurs looking to elevate their game to the next level.

TourPrep players have full access to the world-class facilities and resources at Golfzon Leadbetter HQ, with the flexibility to schedule individualized LGA instruction as needed. Monthly and yearly programs are offered to allow players to stay and train throughout the year.

The facility at Golfzon Leadbetter HQ includes:

  • Trackman, Rapsodo and InRange shot tracking systems
  • Odyssey putting studio with SAM PuttLab technology
  • 400-yard driving range
  • 70-yard wedge range
  • Golfzon GDR Plus simulator
  • Two putting and two chipping greens
  • True Spec club fitting studio
  • BodiTrak and K-MOTION systems
  • Golf-specific fitness & performance gym


Sean Hogan

Master Instructor

David Louys-Moroney

Senior Instructor

Zach Parker

Senior Instructor

Trevor Hypolite

Fitness & Performance Specialist

Nate Dougherty

Lead Golf Coach for LJGA

Iain Highland

Iain Highfield

Mental Performance Coach

Program Comparison

Golf at Reunion Resort coursesUnlimited, subject to availabilityUnlimited, subject to availabilityUnlimited, subject to availability
Access to Golfzon Leadbetter facilities (Mon-Sat)8am-5pm8am-1pm8am-1pm
Instruction20 hours per month12 hours per month8 hours per month
Add’l Instruction$175/hr$210/hr$225/hr
Training station✅✅✅
Fitness assessment✅✅❌
Club check✅✅❌
30-day follow-up program✅❌❌
LGA-branded gear✅❌❌
COST$4,250 monthly$3,270 monthly$2,550 monthly


** Some exceptions may apply. Instruction only available before 1pm, rate for add’l instruction only available for duration of program. Customized packages are available. **

Golfzon Leadbetter has produced dozens of Tour Pros. Will you be next?