Lead’s Lessons from The Masters

Congratulations to Jordan Spieth on his historic win at The Masters today. The powers-that-be were wondering where the next young super star in the USA was coming from. Well he just announced his presence, and what a great role model he is for young people. Well mannered, eloquent, considerate of others and handles himself like a real gentleman on the golf course.

Here are my top-3 tips for amateurs wanting to learn from Jordan’s performance at The Masters:

  1. If you watch Jordan Spieth’s swing there is a smoothness about it. He moves it away smoothly, smooth from the top and only accelerates it through impact. He has great rhythm and a swing to copy.
  2. Note how Jordan looks at the hole on his short putts. You should try it on all putts as it gets you focused on the hole not the ball. It’s like playing darts—you look at the board not at the dart! Johnnie Miller putted this way for a while.
  3. If you need proof of what a good shortgame and good putting can do for your game you need look no further than Jordan Spieth whose shortgame kept going when it was needed. Moral of the story—work on your shortgame for lower scores.

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