Iain Highfield is a golf performance coach that specializes in sports psychology and effective golf practice. Over the last decade Iain has helped multiple D1 College golfers, College golf teams and European Tour golf professionals develop training programs that help them deal with the stresses of playing elite level golf. Iain is the co-founder of Game Like Training and Director of Education. Currently, Iain serves at the Mental Performance Coach for the Leadbetter Junior Golf Academy, and continues to deliver clinics, lessons, and educational seminars worldwide.

In 2009, Iain Highfield, entered the golf industry as a performance coach at Cookridge Hall Golf Club in Leeds, England. With a lifelong ambition to help junior athletes, Iain created and implemented his own psychological conditioning program, called “OSVEA: 5 components of a golf shot”, at the Nike Golf Academy in Leeds. After working with many successful junior golfers, Ladies European Tour players and European Tour professionals, Iain climbed the ranks and earned a spot on the Nottingham University Golf Coaching Team.

In 2013, Iain made his jump across the pond. His first stint began at Bishops Gate Golf Academy as Director of Mental Performance, where he implemented his psychological conditioning program. Iain’s program, available online under the name “Game Like Training”, is also used by Penn State University, as an integral part of their Professional Golf Management Program, where Iain is Director of Mental Training.

Iain has worked with many golf teams and golf brands including Ping Golf, Swiss National Junior Team, Delaware Women’s College Golf team, Long Island University Golf Team, Kennesaw State players, and more.

Iain’s many successes with his junior and professional players, and his numerous publications including, “OSVEA, Practical Ways to Learn Golf’s Mental Game” and “Game Like Training Golf”, earned Highfield the prestigious award of Golf Digest’s Top Young Coaches in 2017.

Iain has been featured in many publications including UK PGA magazine, Golf Tips Magazines, Todays Golfer, ‘Evidence based psychological training tools for golfers’, PGA Tour Radio, and Golf Digest online, to name a few. Iain has presented at many educational seminars worldwide including, Proponent Group Summit, the Open Forum, the PGA Show, The Golf Science Lab’s motor learning summit, English Schools National Team board, PGA Proponent Group, and Philadelphia PGA Section.

Instructing at the following academies:
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