Gavin Grenville-Wood is an award winning Junior Golf Coach with over 25 years of experience in the industry.  From the early years in the mid 90s where he developed his passion for coaching at a US based summer camp program, to today, where he heads up Junior Education for Golfzon Leadbetter, his knowledge in the field of development and participation is widely recognized within golf. 

 “The lessons were designed around fun and creativity, whilst also instilling responsibility and diligence in each and every child as they develop and learn their skills” —Brandy Hodge, Parent 

He has been responsible for the creation and development of three Academies either side of the Atlantic, all with high levels of participation and engagement from kids and parents alike.  Gavin’s experiences have led him to realise that increasing participation and creating sustainable coaching businesses comes down to educating coaches and empowering them with the skills and resources to be able to grow golf efficiently and effectively, 

“It will be the coach’s role to create their own child-centric program that is based on their own philosophy of how the game should be played and what the kids need to learn.” —Gavin Grenville-Wood 

Today, Gavin’s goal is to get as many kids and families playing the game as possible and it’s through the creation of a team of like-minded coaches around the world that this can be facilitated.  Welcome to Leadbetter Kids.

Instructing at the following academies: