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Our partners, Golfzon, are the biggest simulator company in the world with a demanding market share in Asia, and are continuing to see rapid growth throughout the world

“I think simulator golf is a wonderful way to play and learn the game. It is incredible how realistic simulator golf is now, to the point where Golfzon, in particular, has the ability to change lies where in the past it was hitting balls off a mat. Now it is the case where you can play a golf course and simulate uphill, downhill, and sidehill lies, which is tremendous. It is a great way to be able to play golf in a short space of time. As we know, time is a very big issue in this day and age, so people have the ability now to be able to play within an hour with friends.” – David Leadbetter


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Golfzon and Leadbetter to open new tech-based training facilities in USA

CHAMPIONSGATE, FL, January 27, 2022 – Golfzon Leadbetter, the leader in golf instruction, and Golfzon America – the award-winning golf simulator company has announced it…

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LJGA Alumni Aaron Jarvis wins LAAC

With LAAC win, Jarvis becomes the first Cayman Islands golfer to ever compete in The Masters and The Open Championship Surrounded by friends and family…

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Leadbetter Golf Academy partners with Sportsbox AI

CHAMPIONSGATE, FL., January 19, 2022 — Sportsbox AI, an AI-powered technology company that brings single-camera markerless 3D motion capture and AI analysis to mobile applications,…

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