David Leadbetter’s open letter to Brandel Chamblee

“Do Your Research”

Leadbetter pens his response to outspoken analyst Brandel Chamblee’s attempt to tar golf instruction in a recent Golf Digest article.

“It’s sad how a person of influence in the golf world like Brandel Chamblee can spew out some of the nonsense that he does.

Brandel was a journeyman tour player and has moved on to become a highly regarded TV pundit, at least in some quarters. His controversial comments can at times be quite refreshing, but personal attacks on people, players at times, and in this case, coaches, are cheap shots just meant to further his reputation as an outspoken analyst. I doubt that Brandel has ever given a golf lesson of any note in his life. I certainly have not heard of any tour players running around singing his praises as a coach.”